Saturday 12 March 2016

Guyana - Mainstay residents trap huge jaguar

Mainstay residents trap huge jaguar 

12-03-2016  | By KNews | Filed Under News Kaieteur News, Guyana

Weeks after a Mainstay/Whayaka resident captured a jaguar by luring the animal into a wooden trap, Chris Allen, and his cousin, Troy Fredricks, are responsible for successfully capturing a second jaguar.

On Wednesday night sometime around 20:00 hours, at an area called ”Jump, Jump”, the exact area where the first jaguar was caught, the two men activated their trap with more success.
It was noted that once the residents were cautioned not to harm the jaguars, they have opted to constructing wooden traps in the area for the safe capture of the jaguars.

According to reports, Allen was promised a large sum of money for the capture of the first jaguar but never received that money. Both Allen and Fredricks are now reluctant to hand over the jaguar unless they are handsomely rewarded monetarily.

It is still yet not clear how long Fredricks intends to house this second animal. However from reports, it is understood that members of the Environmental Protection Agency will not venture to the Coast to claim the animal. The jaguars venture from the savannahs in search of food given the drought conditions.

But since their emergence, they have been creating tremendous havoc in the hinterland areas. Many residents have complained of losing their dogs and other domesticated animals to the roaming jaguars.

Meanwhile, residents living in Tapakuma, trapped another huge jaguar which has since escaped. It was reported that the cage (trap) was not sturdy. (Yannason Duncan)