Thursday 7 April 2016

Guyana - Third jaguar shipped to city

Third jaguar shipped to city 

07-04-2016  | By KNews | Filed Under News, Kaieteur News, Guyana

The last jaguar captured by Randy Carter and a group of young men from Capoey Mission several weeks ago, was transported to Georgetown on Tuesday by officers of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Residents had been feeding it while they kept it. The first two jaguars were caught by several young men of Mainstay/ Whyaka. The jaguars travelled from the Savannahs in search of water and food due to the prolonged extreme dry weather. Dogs and other domesticated animals are their preferred prey.

A Tapakuma resident said that her community has a remaining number of not more than ten dogs. The jaguars have devoured a many of the dogs at Tapakuma, Mainstay/Whyaka and at Lima Sands. Residents in Lima Sands are reportedly still seeing jaguars under their houses. (Yannason Duncan)

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