Tuesday 5 April 2016

Guyana - Yet another trapped jaguar

Yet another trapped jaguar 

05-04-2016  By KNews | Filed Under News, Kaieteur News, Guyana

The jaguar which was captured by a group of young men at Capoey Mission several weeks ago is being fed chicken. The jaguar which is still to be removed from the hinterland community by members of the Environmental Protection Agency was trapped several weeks ago. The EPA is however making preparatory arrangements to have the jaguar removed.

The recent jaguar is the third to be captured in a hinterland community on the Essequibo. Traps have been constructed and set up in the communities of Tapakuma, Capoey and Mainstay/Whyaka.

The jaguars have been roaming those areas in search of food because of the prolonged dry weather. Dogs and other domesticated animals have been the jaguars’ preys. Residents have however noted that there still exists a number of jaguars in the remote areas.

The first jaguar was caught by Chris Allen of Mainstay while his cousin, Troy Fredricks assisted him with the capture of the second; both were caught at Mainstay/Whyaka.

Meanwhile, the third jaguar which was caught at Capoey, some seven to eight miles from Mainstay/ Whyaka was trapped by Randy Carter and a group of young men. (Yannason Duncan)

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